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Blues Harp Heroes- Blues CD


Blues Harp Heroes- Cover art by Grego
Price : $7.50 - Shipping is only $2.50 each!

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goods and services provided by Mojo Hand. (Ohio, USA).

Track Listings

1. Bluesy (2:44) Composed by Louis Myers
2. Have a Good Time (2:17) Composed by Big Walter Horton
3. Real Fine Boogie (#) (2:32)
4. Little Girl (2:33) Composed by Floyd Jones
5. Take Your Hand Out of My Pocket (#) (4:51)
6. If the Four Winds Don't Change (2:54) Composed by Jimmy Reed
7. When the Cat's Gone the Mice Play (1:47) Composed by Willie Dixon
8. Honky Tonk (3:49) Composed by Bill Doggett
9. Runnin' Drunk (#) (3:12) Composed by George "Wild Child" Butler
10. Harp and Soul (2:51) Composed by Frank Frost
11. Need My Baby (2:15) Composed by Big Walter Horton
12. I'm Getting Tired (2:33)
13. Just Whaling (2:43) Composed by Louis Myers
14. Steady Rollin' Man (#) (3:03) Composed by Stan Lewis
15. Put It All in There (2:50) Composed by Willie Dixon
16. Calling All Blues (2:34) Composed by Earl Hooker


A lIsting of prominent Blues harmonica players

Philip Achille (Chromatic)
Benito "ACE" Acevado ( Freight Train Troubadours / Jubal & Ace)
Miller Anderson (ex-Keef Hartley Band)
Dan Aykroyd, as Elwood Blues
Tom Ball
James Belushi
Billy Branch
Chester Burnett, a.k.a. Howlin' Wolf
Paul Butterfield
William Clarke
James Cotton
Paul Jones (The Blues Band, Manfred Mann)
Paul deLay, (notable for chromatic playing as well as diatonic)
Carlos del Junco (Cuban-Canadian harp player)
Rick Estrin
Joe Filisko
Steve Baker
Son Of Dave, (Benjamin Darvill)
Harmonica John Fraser, (Plays drums and harmonica simultaneously)
Paul Gillings (British, Ex Junior World Champion, Diatonic)
Alan Glen (the Barcodes, Yardbirds, Dr Feelgood, Nine Below Zero)
Marla Glen
Dennis Gruenling (Jump Blues Chromatic, Diatonic)
Adam Gussow (member of Harlem blues duo Satan and Adam)
Michael Peloquin (versatile player of many styles rooted in the blues)
James Harman
RJ Harman
Slim Harpo
Jon Gindick
Mark Hummell
Christopher Lloyd-Baron (Blues)
John Mayall (Bluesbreakers)
Lee McBee
Jerry McCain, (featured on Rhino Records "Blues Masters Volume 4: Harmonica Classics" and known for his unusual Blues songs:"Burn the Crackhouse Down" and "Sue Somebody".)
Delbert McClinton
Michael Rubin
David Miller (musician) (Diatonic, Chromatic)
Jean-Jacques Milteau
Charlie Musselwhite(Diatonic, Chromatic)
Rod Piazza(Chromatic, Diatonic)
Rob Paparozzi (Blues/Jazz, Diatonic/Chromatic)
Kye Parsons (Diatonic, Chromatic) (a harmonica virtuoso based in Maryland, USA, also known for his folk playing)
Jerry Portnoy (Diatonic)
Gary Primich (Diatonic, Chromatic)
Snooky Pryor
Annie Raines
Jimmy Reed
Keith Relf
Jason Ricci
Peter Madcat Ruth
Dutch Mason
Curtis Salgado
Alan Schackner
Corky Siegel (Siegel-Schwall Blues Band)
George "Harmonica" Smith
Powell St. John
Sugar Blue (known for high speed playing.)
Greg "Fingers" Taylor (Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band)
Mike Tetrault (known for his great note-bending abilities and expertise with the technical side of harp playing)
Sonny Terry
Captain Beefheart (a.k.a Don Van Vliet)
Little Walter (great pioneer in amplified blues harmonica.) Muddy Waters (first harmonica player.)
Big Walter Horton
Junior Wells, (Muddy Waters)
Mark Wenner
Phil Wiggins (Cephas & Wiggins)
Sonny Boy Williamson I
Sonny Boy Williamson II
Greg Szlapczynski
Kim Wilson (The Fabulous Thunderbirds)
Craig Twister Steward (former Harp artist with Frank Zappa, the Hendrix of the Harp)
Roly Platt Versatile Blues, R&B, Country player - Canada
Alan Wilson (Member of American Blues/Boogie Band Canned Heat, played with blues guitar greats such as Son House and John Lee Hooker.)
Garrett "G. Love" Dutton (G. Love and Special Sauce)
Aharon Weinstein
Ryszard "Skiba" Skibin´ski (in Polish)

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